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  1. Jesus’ name is Yahshuah (which means God’s salvation). Jesus was born Hebrew.

All of His family were Hebrew. His name is throughout the bible if you find bible translations directly from Hebrew.

SEE the Tree of Life Version


2. Did you know “HEAD KNOWLEDGE” is all of the world and it can not understand the things of God. Head knowledge is plagued with pride, opinion, self, need, want, lack, fear of loss, and mistakes. Such a polluted state of affairs . . .when you want to talk about such a beautiful and wonderful God !

3. Jesus Himself said you will not need anyone to teach you because it is already in you. A SECRET – OF THE TWO BECOME ONE.

4.We have to learn the talk of the heart which is all about God and God alone. It is the overflowing love and the presence of God pouring out in the deepest core of our being by the inner leading of God's Heart and Soul

in us. Jesus said, “ I do nothing except what My Father says.” We need to be all of God and love of God and to live in this world and not be of it.

5.That is where the KINGDOM of GOD begins !


6. There is a marvelous story about the perfect heart, sought out by the matchmaker sent by Abraham to find the perfect bride for his son Isaac.

The matchmaker asked God to intervene with his endeavor and so the matchmaker was led to a young innocent girl named Rebekah. Now the matchmaker proceeded to describe to this starry eyed young girl about all the majesty and excellence of Abraham and his family and his greatness and abundance and most importantly about the wonderfulness of his son Isaac. Rebekah responds positively to this elaborate presentation, and she becomes totally amazed and overflowing with love and excitement – hearing more only delightfully ignites more of that specialness which was already inside her.True love was the desire being expressed and Rebekah felt so comfortable and kindred with all of it . . . that it all was easily captured into her heart. Even now there was an earnestness for attaining the fullness of it, even if it required giving all.

7.( SEE -EVERYTHING IN THIS WORLD SEEMS TO BE ALL ABOUT THE WORLD, OR WE CAN SAY . . . ALL ABOUT ME ) - the humbleness and innocents of the heart IS PUT ASIDE and honestly . . . altogether missing ! We need to be led by hearing the soft voice of our God.

HEAD KNOWLEDGE (although seems intelligent) actually muffles God's desire for us which is us being led by THE HEART. BY FALLING IN LOVE with GOD WE ARE always seeking God and FALLING IN LOVE with Him- WITH THE VERY LIFE AND BEAUTY OF GOD IN US !

8.God Himself is always sending us too, a gentle wooing to our hearts, to find and stir us. Our self’s very life and heart were made sensitive to Him and made to respond positively too, with that which is naturally already special in us . . . HIM ! We are already the magnificence and fullness of God ! Our Life itself DECLARES it ! JUST TAKE A BREATH –WHERE DOES IT COME FROM?

9.But the love and cares of this world steal that what was meant for God, SO our precious heart and life are blocked and are lost to selfishness, TO THIS WORLD. We become instead of a true love, somehow a wicked step sister, only after self comfort and pleasure and gain by any means.

10. Solomon who was graced with many blessings and the greatest wisdom stated the importance of God’s Life in us this way :

The understanding we are

so so valuable and have available to us, so so much love !

Ecclesiastes 12 So remember your Creator in the days of your youth: before the days of misery come, and years draw near when you will say: “I have no pleasure in them”— 6 before the silver cord [our connection to God- His Life in us] is snapped, or the golden bowl [our value and worth with God] is crushed, or the jug at the cistern is shattered, or the wheel at the well is broken [our ability to drink from, and gather the blessings from God].7 Then the dust returns to the ground it came from, and the spirit returns to God Who gave it. This Spirit- the power of God, the Ruach HaKodesh of God, in Hebrew. It is that which is way beyond us, beyond our hold. It is that which we can not explain, because THERE IS NO HIGH ENOUGH explanation, and we can not dominate or control, and yet we can perceive this indwelling revelation of the Divine Presence of God in us.

  1. Here AGAIN I REPEAT . . . is something SO special . . . and that is the secret of love, REAL LIFE and REAL LOVE and that is revealed to us by the Hebrew language (which no other language can correctly express) because in all truth This is the Secret that is invested in the language PUT IN PLACE by the Creator. Hebrew, is proven by the Bible itself to be the first language. It is the language through which God spoke in creating the world (no other language can boast in that). Hence, Hebrew was not just created by God, but utilized by God TO EXPRESS Himself and REVEAL Himself and giving His Life in creating the world. It was His WORD spoken. The revelation of God through Yeshua.

  2. Much wisdom and sacredness is attributed to the words and letters in the Hebrew language. You can study and see each letter is also a number and a musical note. BUT EVEN MORE THAN THAT, EVERY LETTER, IS RELATED TO A NUMBER, TO A MUSCICAL NOTE IN HEBREW AND ALL IS AN EXPRESSION, AN IMAGE, THE REVELATION OF GOD TO US ! A LOVE NOTE FROM GOD. LIFE ITSELF.

  3. Understanding the concepts that are invested in Hebrew words can aid us in our own lives. As an interesting example, the word "love" which is thrown about so freely in English, has a special meaning in Hebrew. Love in Hebrew is "Ahhavah" linked so closely to God’s very heart . . . AHHAVAH LOVE IS ALL ABOUT GOD AND IS GOD'S LIFE GIVEN TO US, the Ruach HaKodesh the power of God in us !


We have to correctly perceive this is the miracle OF LIFE “it is HIM”THE GREATEST AHHAVAH LOVE He has given to us. YES our very life . . . without which we don’t even exist ! But with it is WHERE THE TWO HAVE BECOME ONE- US AND GOD, THE GREATEST AHHAVAH LOVE. We connect intimately with our God and Father ABBA, ABI- daddy in Hebrew. The Ruach HaKodesh power of God in us ! YES the KINGDOM OF GOD HERE ON EARTH ! His will be done on earth as it is in HEAVEN ! In Hebrew “only when you see, do you see . . . only when you have, do you have.” –to believe.


  1. Yeshua (God’s salvation) is not only the revelation of God. Yeshua is God’s highest expression and example of the truest heart, the desire and seeking after God’s truest love. Which no one else could provide. God Himself said, I can not find a single man after Mine Own Heart, so I will do it Myself . . . paraphrasing and to Abraham He said I Myself will be [ WILL PROVIDE] the sacrifice . . . the desire and seeking after God’s truest heart.

2.Yeshua fulfills and expresses the highest most extreme love of God. He reconciles God’s Heart in all creation. All goes back to God and is restored in all hearts to what the original expression of God in all, was meant to be, ALL ABOUT GOD. THE TWO BECOME ONE. You see it is not about us, it is about God. Jesus says you have to be innocent and humble as a child to enter the Kingdom of God (you have to be all of God, His Life –the highest worth and value-, His True Love . . . in the truest purest innocence, and newness of God.) How by being the same! THE TWO BECOME ONE !

We are not our own ! It is not our Life !

Give all back to God- the perfect sacrifice.

When we are one with God’s Life . . .

we are one with God !

  1. Jesus gave Life to us, not death. Jesus was not a punishment for us, or the one who took our place for sin as the world thinks.

  2. He is our Savior out of all bondage.


  4. Sin to God, is not seeing and knowing God as our all,which is our destruction !

  5. Sin is not about doing right or doing wrong, which the world ties us all up in.

  6. Very important to understand - Sin is without God, so with God, and God in all . . . where can SIN OR EVIL be? Jesus said resist the darkness and it will flee. JESUS SAID YOU HAVE TO BE WHERE I AM !

  1. By His very name Yeshua (God’s salvation) God gave His only begotten Son Who expended the totality of His life as a Love offering, the greatest most extreme highest love to express- so so much love. SO THAT WHOSOEVER WOULD ALIGN WITH Him would become one with that tremendous offering and aligned with God.


  1. Jesus said the greatest love was a man laying down his life for another and in our case Jesus’ Life becomes our love in the truest sense of love. Jesus said this is My body and blood given to you, so now, SEE and KNOW God by My very Life given to you. ( to see and know God/ and to allow the love and power of God to rule - neutralizes all sin, so the war is done, it is finished.) John 9 39 Yeshua said, “For judgment I came into this world, so that those who don’t see may see, and the ones who do see may become blind,” (will become blind to this world).

  1. Jesus gave us the highest worth and value which was His Life -the Life by which God created all . . . no greater Love. Without Life there is no existence. SO THIS INCREDIBLE LOVE IS THE LOVE TO SEE and KNOW GOD. Guess what THIS IS . . . it is THE KINGDOM OF GOD IN US . . . WHICH ELIMINATES ALL SIN !

  1. So if it is so wonderful to be alive, can we live in the power of this life? God says so.“THY WILL, WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT HEAVEN” is according to God’s Plan THROUGH THE HEART AND SOUL OF GOD in His children. My Life in you. . . Jesus says you in me, I in you, and us in the Father. Jesus does it, Jesus did it. The power from on high, the promise of the Father in us –the gift of the Kingdom in us, pure Life, pure Love! God says through the mouth of infants and nursing babes you’ll see my strength. Jesus says behold My Glory (His Life and Love in us) that My Joy may be made full in you. The works I do will you also do and greater works because I go to the Father (but we are magnificently still in you)! THE TWO BECOME ONE

  1. Preeminence of Christ –means that all that God is, is expressed in Jesus and all the power of God is revealed in the the Ruach HaKodesh of God which in Hedrew means the breath or Spirit of God which was a thought way beyond a true grasp of man and far beyond man’s understanding and was the totality of God. "If the flesh came into being because of spirit the Ruach HaKodesh of God, it is a marvelous wonder. But if the spirit of God comes into being because of an awareness and understanding by the body being in this world, it is a wonder of wonders. Indeed, I am amazed at how this great wealth has made its home in this poverty in just the body." If while being of the world in just the body one finds God, how great is the treasure marvelously found.”- Hebrew Writer

  1. Once we know there is a God we discover HE IS WAY BEYOND US AND ABOUT WHICH WE CAN NOT EXPLAIN. He cannot be manipulated, controlled, or limited in any way. Because He is truly beyond anyone’s understanding He appears to be allusive but at the same time in our very grasp, HE IS unconceivable, YET undeniable, and always present. He is constant and never changing WITHOUT the ability to be misaligned or anyone’s or anything’s ability to confine or misconstrue. To find God is to seek God, and one has to keep seeking God to find Him. When you find God you will see that God always remains the same, above all, about all, and is absolute, the all and all, with all power and glory, dominion, majesty and praise. In the bible it says God is righteousness all light and without any darkness. About which all that is of God also remains, always the same, and is the all, all of Him. To experience God Jesus says you have to be where I am. ( It is amazing how everyone believes God has to come to them and they pray that God will answer them )Prayer itself in Hebrew is defined as a two part personal assessment (how close are you to God? If you are far come close, if you are close get closer) But reason says never stray away from God !

  1. SO LET’S FIND GOD Take a breath, where does it come from? How did you come into existence ? Were you at the planning table ? Did you decide to be born, where you would you be born, who your parents would be? How about the color of your eyes ? So quickly you see God and your existence and continued existence is way way beyond you! But actually according to Solomon you have an obvious connection to a glorious God. Solomon says connect to your creator before the silver cord is broken. What is the silver cord and connection to your creator? Might it be that very breath and heartbeat ?

  1. It is all about God John 1 In the beginning was the Word.[a] The Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He was with God in the beginning. 3 All things were made through Him, and apart from Him nothing was made that has come into being. 4 In Him was life, and the life was

the light of men. 5 The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can not overpower it. Colossians 1 15He is the image of the

invisible God, the firstborn of all creation.16For by Him all things were created— in heaven and on earth,the seen and the unseen,

whether thrones or angelic powers or rulers or authorities.All was created through Him and for Him. 17He exists before everything,

and in Him all holds together.18He is the head of the body, His community. He is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead— so that

He might come to have first place in all things.19For God was pleased to have all His fullness dwell in Him 20and through Him to

reconcile all things to Himself, making peace through the blood of His cross, whether things on earth or things in heaven! Daniel 7

14. Dominion, glory and sovereignty were given Him that all peoples, nations, and languages should serve Him. His dominion is an

everlasting dominion that will never pass away, and His kingdom is one that will last forever.