iT iS no sMall THing tO Believe . . .



,,,,,,O,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, O O O O O O O OO O O O O O O O O O O O O

Did you know . . . if you would

simply let God be God in your heart , God would be real to you , and He would allow you to . . .

1 Peter 2:9 [ Just Know ] . . . yOU are choSEN, a royal HOLY PosSesION, a PRECIOUS stone acquired , So that the excellence of God Himself . . . may ShINE forth from yOU, God Himself , to All CREation . All BECAUSE of Him , Who has called yOU out of darkness INto His wondrous light !

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“to believe” iS God's oath, His covenant, His OUT POURING OF ALL OF Himself , for Me.

( Jesus is God's Revelation of Himself to me ).

Jesus says, "I am the Way the Truth and the Life. He who 'sees' Me, ' sees ' My Father, no one comes to the Father except through Me."

John 3:16 " God so loved the world that He gave His

only begotten Son, that whosoever would BELIEVE

( 'sees' that Jesus IS OUR actual Life )

would be given Everlasting Life ! "


if we Would only believe that our life is all about Jesus' Life in me ! )

When i BEHOLD Jesus, i 'see' God and i 'know" through Jesus my life becomes Everlasting,

because Jesus is my Life , It is wHERE MY Life originated,

and wHERE by MY Life Will coNTinUE !

It is Everlasting Life (Jesus) Who supports me in an overwhelming flood of LOve, YES NOW, by being my very Life. " That is the Power from ON-HIGH ! "


BY " BELIEVING " tHAT God is So Powerful, Magnificent,

beyond Wonderful . . . the ALL and ALL OF EVERYTHING

. . . means you "see" God !

When you now "know" that God created and maintains you ( through Jesus ) and that the life you have . . . occured when God breathed His breath of life into you and gave His very heartbeat MAKES THE LIFE YOU HAVE . . .


All around me, my heart and soul gives way, to HIS unending ATTENTION and CaRE .

It is all about what He is to me, EVERYTHING !

THAT IS wHAT IT IS “to believe”. God has completely done all for me and has SO ESTABLISHED me by giving to me a so PERMANENT, SACRED and ETERNAL existence.

SO when I 'SEE' ( BELIEVE) IT IS ALL GOD'S Love and Life, in me . . . Jesus . . . that is who i REALLY am, that is Everlasting Life !

IF i allow myself to BE AS i WAS CREATED TO BE, all of God's. ( GOD i AM YOURS ) . . . Life is confirmed IN ME. On A Solid Rock, Jesus . . . THAT IS FOREVER!

i tHEN CAN ALSO 'KNOW' i HAve a Sure AND FIRM CONFIDENCE built-IN, A natural born RELIANCE . . . put in me, THAT YES YOU GOD with all Power and Majesty


i am Yours !

By DECREE then , as Jesus is, so am i. i AM purposed as a revelation Of God - THAT GOD IS REAL and LASTING ,

BECAUSE NOW MY very Existence, PROCLAIMS God's LIFE ITSELF, yes in me. i exalt Him according to His power, which mightily works within me.

“ As a nursing babe clings to his mother’s breast , i have been made to be. " NaTurALLy dependent and reliant and feel FULLy secure, PRESERVED AND HELD BY a genuine ASSURANCE of God in me . . .

Because of that i NATURALLY WILL THRIVE , and prosper AS i was created TO do. BEing Yours God, FOREVER, i gLORY- UNITED with YOU , bY yOUR gift, OF Jesus, God's VERY LIFE and love, in me.

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What A Beautiful Name

You were the Word at the beginning One With God the Lord Most High Your hidden glory in creation Now revealed in You our Christ

What a beautiful Name it is What a beautiful Name it is The Name of Jesus Christ my King

What a beautiful Name it is Nothing compares to this What a beautiful Name it is The Name of Jesus

You didn't want heaven without us So Jesus, You brought heaven down My sin was great, Your love was greater What could separate us now

What a wonderful Name it is What a wonderful Name it is The Name of Jesus Christ my King

What a wonderful Name it is Nothing compares to this What a wonderful Name it is The Name of Jesus What a wonderful Name it is The Name of Jesus

How sweet is your name, Lord, how good You are.