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YAHSHUAH IS THE LION OF JUDAH Learn . . . more about God’s Kingdom. Jesus’ name is Yahshuah (which means God’s salvation). Jesus was born Hebrew. All of His family were Hebrew. His name is throughout the bible if you find bible translations directly from Hebrew. SEE the Tree of Life Version search=john+1&version=TLV 2. Did you know “HEAD KNOWLEDGE” is all of the world and it can not understand the things of God. Head knowledge is plagued with pride, opinion, self, need, want, lack, fear of loss, and mistakes. Such a polluted state of affairs . . .when you want to talk about such a beautiful and wonderful God ! 3. Jesus Himself said you will not n


Here is something SO special . . . and that is the secret of love, REAL LOVE and that is revealed to us by the Hebrew language. This is the secret that is invested in the language by the Creator. Hebrew, is considered by the Bible to be the first language. It is the language through which God spoke in creating the world. Hence, Hebrew was not just created by God, but utilized by God TO EXPRESS Himself and REVEAL Himself in creating the world. It was His WORD spoken.The revelation of God. Much wisdom and sacredness is attributed to the words and letters in the Hebrew language. You can study and see each letter is also a number and a musical note. BUT EVEN MORE THAN THAT, EVERY LETTER, EVERY