NOW SEE . . . THE KINGDOM OF GOD is the perfection of God in all that “IS” God. God is not scattered or in pieces He is always whole and complete in all that He “IS”. . . PERFECT. In the bible it is said God is all the seen and the unseen, and No one has ever seen God except the One Who has come from God . . . Jesus. EVERYTHING OF GOD , IS GOD. That is what is . . . of Natural Law , IS God’s Law, by decree . . . absolute, permanent, how it is supposed to be, and remains the same. It's all about God. To oppose God's Law . . . is to oppose God, which makes you transient and soon NO MORE! Jesus is the revelation of God and especially ‘to what is seen’ about God. Jesus s


THERE IS NO EXISTENCE SEPARATE FROM GOD. GOD REMAINS ALWAYS THE SAME, NEVER CHANGING, HE IS ALWAYS ALL PERFECTION. EVERYTHING OF GOD , IS GOD. . .That what is of Natural Law, IS God’s Law by decree, permanent, how it is supposed to be, and remains the same. FOR ONE TO BELIEVE IN GOD, FIRST ONE HAS TO SEE AND KNOW THAT GOD EXISTS. " ‘Til I Met You " LISTEN To “see” means to have vision, an awareness, a heart and soul felt, deepest of all ‘consciousness’/ understanding . . . that God is all and all . . . All that I am. From our very make-up and core of our being we should sense a power and glory, life itself, and IT IS ALL ABOUT GOD. "LIFE," THAT is God, God’s Truth and Natural Law, God’s