New Beginnings start new everyday , . . how about today

OUR CHRISTMAS LETTER TO UNDERSTAND WORTH AND VALUE, All creation is given the potential of life . . . and to realize the potential of life, you have to see . . . “ that Life is God and He is Eternal”. . . that is Who God IS . . . LIFE . . . AND LIFE IS the Fullness of God . . . the total Worth and Value of Him ! YOU HAVE TO see and behold “that Life is God and He is Eternal”. . . SO WONDERFUL, SO AMAZING ! GOD HAS NO BEGINNING . . . HE IS NEVER ENDING . . . HE IS ALL AND ALL, OF ALL THAT IS THE SEEN AND UNSEEN. AND GOD ALWAYS REMAINS THE SAME ! AND YOU ARE HIS ! CREATION IS THE REVELATION (THE SEEN) OF ALL THAT GOD IS. (GOD IS OUR IDENTITY AND WE ARE HIS) IF YOU WERE NOT CREATED, YOU COULD N


BECAUSE WITH JESUS THERE IS NO HELL ! What Did Jesus say . . . GOD IS LOVE, and God Loves you. IN GOD THERE IS NO DARKNESS. Nothing can stand up to the greatness of His love ! All must bow down and submit to the magnificence and powerfulness of God's love. Nothing can stand up to it . . . it is just too too great ! By God's incredible Love all was created, and all remains by this Love ! God is all the seen and all the unseen. God is the beginning and the end, the end is God’s beginning. According to God all is the same, HIS. Nothing can exist without God. Everything separate from Him has no existence at all, and EVEN NOW, is no more. GOD IS ABSOLUTE THERE IS NOTHING OUTSIDE OF GOD. Before A