“ I HAVE MADE THE DESTROYER TO BE DESTROYED ” WARNING TO HIS ENEMIES Jeremiah 51:25 “ Look , Oh mighty mountain , destroyer of the earth ! “ I am your enemy ,” says the Lord . “ I will raise my fist against you , to knock you down from the heights. When I am finished , you will be nothing but a heap of burnt rubble. " Isaiah 33:1 “ Ah ! You destroyer never destroyed , betrayer never betrayed ! When you have finished destroying , you will be destroyed ; when you have stopped betraying, you will be betrayed . GOD'S DECLARATION TO HIS OWN : RETURN TO ME Who is the destroyer , the oppressor and betrayer ? It is every wall , distraction , other influence , and i


THE FORCE BE WITH YOU " The Force " in Star Wars was an energy field that connected all living things in the galaxy. The Living Force was an aspect of the force. It was fed from the energy of living things and was distinct from the Cosmic Force. Qui-Gon Jinn (a teacher) was considered a student of the Living Force and stressed its importance to his Padawan (a student),( Obi-Wan-Kenobi ), telling him the value of being mindful and aware of a close connection with the Living Force. The Living Force represented the energies of all living things, and those energies were fed into the Cosmic Force that bound the galaxy together. The Living Force communicated to individuals through the midi-chloria

WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO “ Have faith and believe ! ”

PURE PERFECTION - knowing God's Completeness is in us . God said, " if you seek Me with all your heart you will find Me . " To seek God, some may look everywhere to find Him . With more understanding , and with all your heart , you see that to seek God all you have to do is to look inside and see yourself, beautifully and wonderfully made. Your very breath, and your very heart beat is God. God knows every molecule of your existence, because it is Him ! Jesus says,"I AM THE LIFE", Jesus is the revelation of God to us, by His very life in us . When you see Jesus . . . you see God . Take a breath , feel your heart beat . . . it is your life . . . SEE YOUR GOD. How really, did you


Sin may not be what you think it is . . . Dealing with Sin we discover . . . It is the interpretation of Sin , THAT is . . . what actually messes up , our victory over it. The result of being of this world, unfortunately, we experience STRUGGLE. It can be the weak against the strong, the good against the bad, always on guard, living in toil, worry and stress. We learn quickly our situation, is not always safe and we are definitely quite unsure of a lot of things ! Sometimes it might even mean kill or be killed ! Our circumstance can be quite precarious. Commonly the experience. . . is the feeling of having to defend, having lack, feeling empty, in fear, in want, actually taking or s